Sunday, August 18, 2019

Welcome! (The Journey Begins!)

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Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoy the pictures and that through this site you regularly think of all the people and places you see. Feel free to visit the different archives set up to the right. Many of these posts are designed to create virtual walks through the city as you think about what is going on. Some basic introductory walks can be found in the August '07 archive, for example and include "City Tours 1, 2, and 3", "The Apricot Farm Adventure I and II", "Kids of the City I and II", "Traffic Adventures", and more. These are great starting places, but most posts should offer ways to remember the city. Thank you for continually thinking of me, too. I hope my Father blesses you and that your visit here may be an uplifting respite as you traverse Life's Exciting Journey!

Here we go!...

(Cleared for takeoff...Carb. heat off, trim neutral, mixture rich, flaps up, radios and GPS/VORs set, all gages goooooood.......FULL THROTTLE!!!!)

I arrived overseas July 7, 30 hours after I said "bye" to my parents. These pictures were taken at the capital of my country overseas.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Capital City 2, At the Wall

I realized that I don't have any pictures in my camera of my parents from when they came in May. We did use their cameras more but I still feel bad that there are two pictures of me here but none of them. We had a blast, though, and after a couple days in the capital we went to my city for more adventures seeing new places, meeting friends, and trying new food. It was fun!